We build a new generation of unmanned environmental USV's

sensor-based monitoring of marine ecosystems

Sensemakers delivers cost-efficient monitoring of water quality and ecosystems at sea

 Since 2022 we have been on a mission to provide low cost environmental monitoring through a fleet of unmanned USV sensorboats without the need for operators. Our USV-mounted sensor solution enables systematic collection of scientific, data at sea all year round.

Environmental research

Based on the uniquely designed SenseBoat robotics platform we enable research projects that demand ongoing year-round monitoring of water quality and biodiversity at sea. Trace possible pollutants and measure the effects of remedies and regenerative practices to reestablish clean and living marine ecosystems and habitats. s

Regenerating a healthy ocean environment through innovative sensor-data collection

SenseBoat is designed to create baseline measurements and continual surveillance of large areas over time where real time data replaces simulations and random lab samples. The sensor-data platform opens for targetted regenerative environmental actions where effects can be followed and refined continually.

Recreative waters

Monitoring of water quality at beaches, ocean swimming zones and other recreative water areas. Trace pollutants and bacteria across large areas and find sources of the problems. The slow travel speed and friendly design enables close contact to people, kayaks and smaller sailing vessels.

Deploying a new generation of sensors that work faster than lab tests

With advanced sensors results cannot only be determined on the spot they can also be publicised and accessed instantly through web based platforms. Sensemakers has developed dashboard solutions that enable professional and recreative water users to access live data 24/7. We see the creation of open transparant data about our ocean environment as a key to recreating healthy seas in the future.

Offshore monitoring

In the summer 2024 Sensemakers will launch a docking-station-powered USV to support continual environmental monitoring around off-shore industry installations. Use the senseBoat to get precise measurement of water quality and biodiversity around wind farms, aquaculture and new nature installations such as artificial reefs or sea-weed productions.

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